Lucas Fuel Treatment

Lucas Fuel Treatment

A powerful blend of oils and additives that contain no SOLVENTS. Designed to increase power and fuel mileage and also lower exhaust emissions through a more complete combustion. 

Lucas Fuel Treatment is formulated for both petrol and diesel engines, carbureted or fuel injected. It gives your fuel system what it really needs - a blend of super slick oils and additives with a high detergent action that allows the engine to operate at maximum efficiency. Also, it cleans and lubricates the carburetor and injectors and causes the fuel to burn more thoroughly for increased power and less fuel consumption. Lucas Fuel Treatment Upper Cylinder Lubricant should definitely be used in vehicles that require leaded fuel because it actually replaces the benefits of lead in petrol without causing harmful emissions. Lucas Fuel treatment with Injector Cleaners and Fuel Conditioners complies with the federal low sulfur content requirements for use in diesel motor vehicles and nonroad, locomotive, and marine diesel equipment engines. Use it to pass pollution and smog tests. Finally, it totally neutralises the harmful effects of low sulfur diesel fuel.

This product should more than pay for itself in fuel savings alone!


Pour Lucas Fuel Treatment directly into fuel tank. Recommended dosage is 60-100 millilitres of Fuel Treatment per 40 litres of fuel. Exceeding the recommended dosage is not harmful to your vehicle.

Key Benefits

  • A great tune-up in a bottle
  • Cleans and lubricates the fuel system
  • Neutralises low sulfur fuel problems
  • Increases power and kilometres per litre by burning excess exhaust emissions
  • Increases the life of pumps and injectors
  • Increases fuel mileage and performance
  • Decreases pinging, dieseling emission and hesitations

Applications & Benefits

Lucas Fuel Treatment is for petrol, diesel fuel and LPG. It contains no alcohol, solvents, kerosene, diesel fuel or anything else that would be useless or harmful to engines. LowLucas Fuel Treatment sulphur diesel fuel and reformulated petrols have had the polymers removed from them, not because the polymers were harmful but because they were attached to the aromatics (fumes) in the fuels. In their zest to rid our air of petrol and diesel fumes, our government has stripped our fuel of its main lubricants and, in the process, a great deal of its power.

Lucas Fuel Treatment replaces those polymers with a concentrate that makes the fuel slicker and more powerful than it was originally. In fact, the user usually picks up more than enough fuel mileage to pay for the fuel treatment itself. Lucas Fuel Treatment Upper Cylinder Lube, lubricates rings and cylinder walls for longer life. It causes more combustion for more power and higher fuel mileage with FEWER EMISSIONS.

Lucas Fuel Treatment cleans and lubricates valves, pumps, carburetors, injectors and compression rings. It is an absolute must for rotary pumps! Lucas Fuel Treatment safely replaces the need for lead in older engines.

Lucas Fuel Treatment is an excellent diesel tune up! Before going to your mechanic with an engine that is smoking or low on power, we suggest that you try adding about 2 litres of our treatment to each 400 litres of fuel. This is often all it needs!

Treat Rate

155 ml treats approximately 75 litres of petrol or diesel
946 ml treats approximately 379 litres of petrol or diesel
3.79 litres treats approximately 1514 litres of petrol or diesel





  Carton Dimensions
L x W x H (cm)

10020   155 ml
  5 kg
  25 x 18 x 22
  1 litre
  12 kg
  35 x 27 x 30
  4 litre
  15 kg
  32 x 32 x 31
  20 litre
  1 (cube)
  20 kg
  26 x 26 x 34
  60.57 litre
  1 (keg)
  60 kg
  38 (diameter) x 69 H
  208.12 litre
  1 (drum)
  208 kg
  59 (diameter) x 89 H

MSDS & Product Specification Sheet

Material   Safety Data Sheet
Product Specification Sheet
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