Air Filter Washing and Testing

Due to the new technology and air filters with different types of media we have adopted the latest solution in cleaning, incorporating also new evolved water tanks for the process.

"Reduce air filter element costs by 70% across your entire fleet."

Air filter elements may be cleaned up to 6 times, provided they are pressure tested. This is a figure specified by Donaldson and other leading manufacturers.

We offer a free pick up and delivery service (depending on quantity) around town with a one week turn around depending on the customer's requirements.

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Filter Washing Procedure

  1. Soaking in a specially formulated solution. This process breaks up the contaminants and dislodges it from the media.
  2. The first, of two pressure testings and involves increasing the inside pressure to 60" H2O. This is a stringent test, used by Donaldson to test their new media, as even the smallest pin hole will show up as a huge eruption of bubbles. There is no better way of detecting holes in the media or faults at the end plate, than using the bubble test. A light bulb test is useless and it will not show up defects where the media has become unglued from the plate - a light cannot shine around corners.
  3. If the filter has passed this strict pressure testing procedure then the filter is placed in a "Filta-Wash Mackay" designed wash machine. This system removes 95% of all contaminants and the final 5% is removed by a hand wash incorporating high volume and low pressure to ensure the filter is now 100% clean.
  4. Now that the washed & tested filter is totally clean a second pressure test is conducted to ensure this filter is completely free from any defects.
  5. Excess water is removed by an industrial spinner and the filter is engraved with the customer's name, number of wash and the date, so that the maximum times washed does not exceed six.
  6. To ensure the filters are totally dry and in fact drier than a brand new filter, they are then placed in one of our specially designed "Filta-Wash Mackay" Industrial ovens and run for a specific time at a controlled temperature.
  7. After the element has been removed from one of the ovens it is placed on a shelf to allow to cool.
  8. Finally, they are packed in a heavy duty sealed plastic bag ready for delivery back to the customer for about a third of the cost of a new filter.

Eight basic steps guarantee you are getting the best possible service by a company that pioneered air filter washing and testing over 40 years ago.

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